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Contact our Technical Assistance Center: From North America: 877-463-5288 -- Outside North America: +1 408-572-5288
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Hardware and Software Warranties

Protect your network investment.

We stand behind all our hardware and software. That’s why, if there’s ever a problem with your equipment, we make sure it gets fixed right away with our comprehensive warranty options. Your newly purchased hardware and software is automatically protected for an initial period from the date of product shipment, and may be renewed in yearly increments for a renewal fee.

If you experience any problems with your Infinera equipment during your warranty period, simply call the Technical Assistance Center. Our experts will work with you to troubleshoot, isolate, diagnose, and resolve your issues promptly and efficiently.

Hardware Warranty

Two-year standard warranty on your Infinera Intelligent Transport Network

One-year standard warranty on your Infinera Cloud Xpress

  • Prompt hardware replacement and repairs.
  • Comprehensive failure analysis on returned modules.
  • Additional levels of coverage, including next day hardware replacements and warranty extensions.

Software Warranty

90-day standard warranty

  • Covers the Infinera IQ® Network Operating System or Infinera Network Management Suite.
  • 24/7 support through the Infinera Technical Assistance Center.
  • Software subscription privileges for maintenance releases.
  • Additional levels of coverage, including software upgrades and warranty extensions.