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Integrated Deployment

Build the deployment solution that’s right for your business.

No two businesses are exactly alike—and neither are the networks that power them. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of flexible deployment services that allow you to choose precisely when and where you want our help.

Fiber Characterization

Verify the integrity and capacity of your fibers—Before your network is built, let our experienced technical engineers measure key fundamental properties, such as attenuation, reflectance, and dispersion.

Turnkey Deployment

Enjoy a seamless, worry-free deployment with our customizable, start-to-finish solution.

  • Comprehensive site survey—Determine power and layout requirements; identify necessary equipment and procedures.
  • Customized network design—Map out every rack and cable; develop detailed checklists of materials and timelines.
  • Pre-install audit—Unpack, audit and inspect every piece of equipment.
  • Network installation—Install the physical hardware, including the installation of racking and fiber raceways; install your system modules, perform software installation, and configure your equipment to operational state.
  • Full testing and acceptance—Test standalone equipment, links, and spans; verify management software and alarm functionality; and conduct final acceptance runs based on your specifications.
  • Final engineering package—Deliver comprehensive documents and reports including an up-to-date statement of work, engineering design, sign-off checklists, and test results.

Installation and Commission

Concentrate on your core business—Our expert deployment engineers will install, configure, and test all of your network’s hardware and software.


Ensure the quality of your deployment—Our commissioning specialists will perform line card installation, software installation and configuration, as well as full testing and acceptance.

Integrated Deployment Services At-A-Glace

Integrated Deployment Services At-A-Glace