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Contact our Technical Assistance Center: From North America: 877-463-5288 -- Outside North America: +1 408-572-5288
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Preventive Maintenance

Detect incidents before they become disasters.

Avoid unnecessary downtime by ensuring the proper maintenance of your Infinera network. With our meticulous engineers on site for preventive maintenance, every element of your network will be thoroughly inspected, checked and maintained.

Preventive Services

Our preventive maintenance services include:

  • Filter check, cleansing, and replacement.
  • Visual inspection of AC units, batteries and power plants.
  • Equipment inspection, including verification of cooling fan functionality.
  • Existing alarm check.
  • Visual inspection of cables, connectors, cards, labeling, and auxiliary equipment.
  • On-site documentation check.
  • Inventory of on-site equipment assets.
  • Stock-taking list creation, for comparison against spares inventory list (Sarbanes-Oxley mandate).