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Sustainable Development Through the Use of Our Products

Since the lifespan of our products in our customers’ networks can span many years, Infinera is committed to low power consumption and minimized usage of hazardous substances so as to significantly minimize the environmental impact of our products.

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Responsible Sourcing

Our suppliers and licensees, as well as their subcontractors, are an integral part of our success. We work to select those who adopt strong ethical standards, respect the rights of their employees, and demonstrate stewardship of the environment. We are proud of the strong supplier relationships we have built, and we are always looking to expand our network to accommodate our growing customer base. We periodically review our affiliations and add new suppliers as needed.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our requirements that suppliers and their subcontractors operate their facilities and conduct employee relations in an ethical manner that meets the requirements of the laws in their respective host countries.

Supplier Code of Conduct
Anti-Human Trafficking Statement
Global Supplier Management Supply Chain Sustainability
Purchasing Ethics Policy
Supplier Diversity
Terms and Conditions

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