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Climate Protection and Environmental Impact

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

We’re committed to doing our part in helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and environmental footprint of our operations. To meet the growing expectations of our stakeholders and ensure the success of our ESG programs, we have established goals that we track and report on annually.

Infinera has incorporated climate change into its business strategy. We have translated this strategy into goals to reduce emissions and conserve energy. We are also analyzing our impact to waterways and biodiversity to better understand how to protect them.

Our Commitment to Minimize the Environmental Impact of Our Products and Operations

As a leading provider of optical networking solutions, Infinera is committed to delivering high-quality products and services that enhance connectivity and bring value to our customers. We continue to drive innovation in our industry, pushing the boundaries of technology and expanding the capacity of our products to do more with less. Our commitment to developing efficient technologies not only promotes innovative solutions, but enables our customers to meet their sustainability objectives as well. With each new digital signal processor generation, our customers can transport more data at higher speeds while compacting product footprint, increasing efficiency, and reducing power consumption and associated emissions. Through continuous research and development, we’re not just updating and changing parts, we’re fundamentally changing the system itself.

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Our Products

Infinera’s innovative products increase bandwidth while reducing power consumption.
Submarine Networks
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GHG Emissions

We constantly monitor our emissions and energy usage and look for ways to minimize any negative impact on the environment.
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Our Planet

Infinera’s products and ESG programs work to meet the needs of a 1.5˚ C world by reducing our impact on the planet.
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Circular Economy

Infinera is continually looking for ways to recycle, reuse, or otherwise extend product life and circularity.
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Optimizing Your Network to Reduce Energy and Carbon Footprint

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Game-changing Innovation for a Greener Planet

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