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Circular Economy

Aiming for Zero Waste

Infinera is consistently looking for ways to extend the useful lives and improve the circularity of our products. Our sustainability strategy includes elements of circularity, including repair, refurbishment, and reusability. We are actively working to extend the lifecycle of our products, as with our ICE optical engines and compact modular systems. We also explore opportunities to recycle, repair, and refurbish products. Utilizing techniques like artificial intelligence and machine learning, we’re working to improve our recycling process to harvest usable components from retired products. To Infinera, a circular economy means reducing material use, designing products and services to be less resource and material intensive, and recapturing “waste” as a resource to remanufacture products.

To accomplish this, Infinera has a recycling and take-back program for each EU country to manage the end of life of products. Infinera meets our obligations to WEEE and battery and packaging directives through membership in approved compliance schemes in relevant EU countries (see info). We have partnered with RENE AG for our take-back and recycling program in the EU per directive requirements. Please contact your sales representative or account manager for more information or email Infinera at to schedule equipment removal.

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Climate Protection

Infinera is committed to reduce our carbon emissions and footprint by implementing new processes and initiatives.
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Our Products

Infinera’s innovative products increase bandwidth while reducing power consumption.
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GHG Emissions

We constantly monitor our emissions and energy usage and look for ways to minimize any negative impact on the environment.
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Our Planet

Infinera’s products and ESG programs work to meet the needs of a 1.5˚ C world by reducing our impact on the planet.