Transparency in Optics: Environmental Health and Safety Management System

Customers want assurance that a business can deliver, and nothing is more critical to providing that assurance than the ability to execute across all areas of the business. We are well into a long-term trend as customers seek to understand more about their suppliers. Traditional customer/supplier pricing questions are now part of a larger context that asks fundamental questions about the commitment of suppliers to meet the needs of all stakeholders. Industry consortia and non-governmental organizations (NGO) are driving this sea change by defining important environmental health and safety (EHS) metrics within the telecommunications industry ecosystem.

Infinera has been certified by ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, two of the best-known standards. We originally pursued these certifications in order to improve environmental health and safety at all levels of the organization and to answer challenging questions around sustainability. We have set goals for energy and carbon footprint reduction. We track water usage and consumables. We review progress so that we can meet our goals and operate more efficiently, sustainably and in compliance with EHS regulations.

One of the great things about our commitment to meeting the ISO and OHSAS standards and their third-party audits is that it sets us on a more disciplined path so that we can better ensure that we continue to be the number one optical hardware vendor.