The Chemistry Between Us and Our Products: Safe Delivery and Use at Infinera

There really is no getting around it – the use of hazardous materials is a necessity in a semiconductor fabrication facility. With the use of hazardous materials comes the responsibility to “engineer out” potential exposure to employees and the public. With this in mind, Infinera’s environmental health and safety (EHS) team has established multiple levels of control, with reliance on automated bulk chemical delivery systems to support the safety of our operators. With proper facility and process design, we ensure the safe use and handling of all hazardous materials.

Engineering controls reduce the risk of employee exposure regardless of hazard level and the physical state of the chemical. If substitution with a less hazardous chemical is not an option, we reduce risk by minimizing the number of steps that require manual chemical handling. To achieve this, we have built a state-of-the-art bulk chemical delivery room. Ample ventilation and containment in the room itself is only the beginning. Inside the room, there are enclosures with additional ventilation, containment and controls.

With an automated closed system for chemical delivery, human interaction is minimized. This ensures that even the most toxic or corrosive chemicals are managed safely without the hazards involved with manual handling.