Executive Briefing Center

Welcome to the Infinera Executive Briefing Center

The Infinera Executive Briefing Center offers you a unique opportunity to learn about Infinera technology and experience firsthand the ease and simplicity of Infinera networks. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide insight and demonstrations into Infinera’s current and future technologies, including our Intelligent Transport Networks™ architecture based on our large-scale photonic integration.

Hands-on demonstrations with Infinera experts provide an opportunity to see how Infinera networks can be deployed, configured, and managed at the click of a mouse.

Technology leaders can provide insight into next-generation technologies at the photonic, electronic, and system level. And all this takes place in the comfort of a brand-new purpose-built facility in the newest building on our Sunnyvale campus.

At the Infinera EBC, you can:

  • Meet with Infinera senior leadership to discuss your business and technology needs;
  • Review your needs and objectives with Infinera technical experts;
  • See firsthand the ease-of-use and rapid deployment capabilities of the Infinera suite of products;
  • Gain insight into Infinera innovations and plans.

Schedule an appointment

The Infinera EBC is located at 140 Caspian Ct., Sunnyvale, Calif. To schedule an appointment for a tour, contact EBC@infinera.com.

If you can’t travel to our facilities, our sales representatives will be more than happy to visit you onsite. We also host virtual meetings to fit your logistical needs. For more information, contact EBC@infinera.com.