One of the best things about working at Infinera is our office culture. Employees at Infinera vary widely in terms of race, gender, national origin and ethnicity, but they share certain traits, attributes and experiences that contribute significantly to the world class status of our team.

Our culture here at Infinera is unique. We think the following statements will help give you a picture of what working for Infinera is like.

  • At Infinera, we pride ourselves on being a “just do it” culture. We roll up our sleeves and we get stuff done. Regardless of title, regardless of level, we work as a team and we make things happen.
  • We’re courageous and we take risks. We rely on data and our experience to prove a point. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re committed to finding the right ones to the important questions our customers ask.
  • We’re not always flashy, in fact, we value simplicity and humility. We’re looking for the smartest, most economic solution.
  • We ask people to come up to speed quickly and to work hard. To jump in and make a difference. To be persistent and resilient. If you see something that needs to be done, don’t wait to be asked or told, just do it.
  • We’re learning to celebrate our successes. Sometimes taking the time to recognize a job well done is almost as rewarding as the satisfaction that comes from doing it.

Our team members can typically be described as:

  • Highly-educated, skilled, or experienced in their functional area of expertise
  • Possessing fresh minds with new ideas that think outside the box
  • Self-sufficient idea-drivers who know how to make things happen, get things done, and are not afraid to go the extra mile
  • Intensely committed individuals, dedicated to successfully completing what they’ve started, regardless of the task
  • Flexible and agile in their approach to problem solving, and always looking for new ways to solve problems and create innovative solutions
  • Team players and great communicators who check their egos at the door and believe in the possibility and power of our collective success
  • Risk takers who want to be part of something that is new and cutting edge

If these qualities remind you of yourself, then you might be a good fit as a future Infinera employee. Check out our job page at to see if there’s an opening you might qualify for.