John P. Daane

John Daane has been a member of our Board of Directors since January 2016. Mr. Daane served as President, CEO, and a board member of Altera Corporation, a semiconductor company, from November 2000 through Altera’s acquisition by Intel Corporation in December 2015. Mr. Daane also served as Chairman of Altera’s board from May 2003 through December 2015. From June 1985 through November 2000, Mr. Daane worked for LSI Logic Corporation, a semiconductor manufacturer, in a variety of positions starting as an engineering intern and ending as Executive Vice President of the Communications Products Divisions, including the Networking, Wireless, Telecom, Computer and Consumer Divisions, and central engineering. Mr. Daane also served as a board member of the Semiconductor Industry Association from January 2003 through December 2015. Mr. Daane holds a B.A. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of California at Berkeley.