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Our Hiring Process

Learn what to expect from us throughout the application and interview process

At Infinera, we are committed to responding to your application in the most efficient way possible. When you submit an application for employment, you will receive an automated response within 48 hours confirming that we have received and will review it.

Our staffing team works hard to review each resume within a week of receipt. If we discover a match between your skills and our needs, you will be contacted for a preliminary discussion/interview.

If, upon application or after interviews are conducted, we select another candidate, you will be notified either through email or by telephone. We will retain your application for six months, and we encourage you to visit our jobs page often or set up an automated search to find out about new opportunities as they appear.

If we choose to bring you in for an interview, you may meet with multiple people as we learn about you, and vice versa. This is our effort to ensure you will grow and thrive in our company and will assimilate well into our culture.

We also ask some of our candidates to participate in a tech talk, a short (approximately 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions) presentation on your work. The main goal of the talk is for us to understand in depth your contributions to projects that you’ve led or to which you’ve been a significant contributor. Through this forum, you will have the opportunity to discuss your technical depth on projects in detail.

At Infinera, we believe the quality of our team is our single biggest competitive advantage, and we place tremendous emphasis on hiring only the very best people in each area within the company. Although the application and interview process is generally an opportunity for us to assess the qualities you will bring to a career at Infinera, we also want you to use this time to consider Infinera for yourself. Ask questions, get curious, and challenge us to show you what really makes Infinera one of the best companies to work for and a place where you’ll be proud to contribute.

Infinera employees understand and follow all policies and procedures, including security policies and requirements. They ask questions when they do not understand the expectations, and they report any concerns or violations of any policy, rule, regulation, or activity that could lead to unacceptable risk.