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They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. We Did It!

Renee Glowacki

June 23, 2020
By Renee Glowacki
Marketing and Communications Manager

Infinera has a history of transformative innovation – we are all about proving people wrong when they say something can’t be done.

Take photonic integration. We pioneered the technology in 2005, when we combined hundreds of components into a single chip to create the industry’s first large-scale photonic integrated circuit, and we continue to lead the industry with our 800G Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6). Our PIC-based solutions help network operators reduce cost, footprint, and power consumption while improving performance and reliability.

Or how about Instant Bandwidth? This solution leverages ICE6’s unique optical engine technology to enable bandwidth activation via software license. Operators no longer need to wait for truck rolls or site visits. They can react to changing bandwidth needs instantly, with just a few mouse clicks. The result is far less operational effort, much faster time to revenue, and the ability to avoid much of the complexity and uncertainty inherent in trying to forecast future network growth.

Then there’s XR optics. This technology solves a fundamental problem – the misalignment between hub-and-spoke metro network traffic patterns and point-to-point optical networking solutions. It leverages Infinera’s innovation in Nyquist subcarriers to provide the industry’s first scalable solution optimized for point-to-multipoint traffic flows, dramatically reducing the cost of deploying and operating optical networks.

How do we do it? It’s largely thanks to our deep vertical integration of high-end optical technology. We innovate, design, manufacture, and assemble our solutions in house. These advanced, open, modular solutions bend the laws of science and enable our customers to usher in new services and applications that improve how people communicate.

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