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The Power of Partnerships

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December 15, 2022
By Jeff Babbitt
Sr. Manager Partner Marketing

Reflections from Infinera’s APAC Partner Xchange

With Japan’s recent opening to business travel, I was excited to participate in Infinera’s APAC Partner Xchange, held on November 8 and 9 in Tokyo. The event targeted top executives and sales representatives from our most strategic partners throughout the region, and its main theme was “Seize the Moment!” The Xchange opened with a corporate and portfolio solution update and then transitioned to multiple workshops designed to elicit broad discussion and collaboration.

What Happened During the Xchange?

Infinera executives opened the conference by welcoming partners from throughout APAC and reinforced Infinera’s commitment to our partner program, which enables us to enhance the customer experience and expand our global presence. That was followed by an overview of the market and Infinera’s strategy. Our 8x4x1 strategy includes industry-leading embedded optical engines, open optical networking solutions, compact modular platforms, and intelligent coherent pluggables. With capacity demand nearly doubling every two years, our focus is directly aligned with some of the fastest-growing segments of the network.

We closed the day with a very entertaining and collaborative team-building exercise, challenging smaller groups to solve various puzzles to ultimately discover a hidden inspirational message. This was followed by an outstanding dinner at the hotel.

Infinera APAC Partner Xchange Team Building ExerciseAwards

During the dinner, five partners received awards for outstanding contributions. I always find these interesting as they provide an opportunity to see how our solutions and partnerships come together to help network operators succeed.

                                                   Logo SVTECH

SVTech is a  systems integrator in Vietnam for service providers and enterprises, and the largest  systems integrator for Viettel, supporting their IP, optical, IT, and management solutions. Viettel has been growing their network capacity over the years and needed modernization to support continued growth. SVTech leveraged their relationship with Viettel and were able to help smooth out many issues, such as managing commercial terms and customer expectations, which helped to build strong trust with Infinera and Viettel, creating a win-win situation. SVTech was able to evaluate the customer’s challenges and pain points and find modernization solutions that will enable them to meet growing traffic demand and have the ability to scale to support future capacity.

Logo Nissho Electronics

Nissho is a long-term partner with Infinera focused on the Japan market. To support ever-increasing network capacity demands in the Japan market, Nissho was able to successfully lead and close the sale of a new network route expansion project leveraging Infinera’s GX G30 solution with a major Japanese service provider.

Logo Daesung

Daesung is headquartered in South Korea and focuses its sales efforts there. Daesung had another very successful year, growing the Infinera network footprint in a top South Korean carrier. Daesung negotiated and overcame multiple challenges this year, including lab support and delivery schedules, resulting in a successful project and network expansion.


PT LANCS was established in Indonesia in 2011 as a telecommunications solution integrator for network operators and enterprises. PT LANCS partners with Infinera to support service providers in Indonesia.

One of the Tier 1 service providers that PT LANCS works with was concerned with concentration of business on a single-source optical solution. PT LANCS initiated a strategic discussion with upper management and put together a proposal to build a parallel network using the Infinera GX that will enable the service provider to reduce risk by enabling a multi-vendor approach. The service provider was especially attracted to the density and versatility of the compact modular platform.

Logo R-Nets

R~Nets is a systems integrator specializing in optical solutions in Singapore. One of R~Nets’ customers, a Tier 1 carrier in Singapore, needed a high-capacity optical solution to connect data centers in Singapore to a data center in Malaysia for a large internet content provider. As a trusted systems integrator and infrastructure provider, R~Nets provided a winning long-haul proposal based on the GX G42 with the 800G ICE6 coherent optical engine for high-bandwidth alien wave (aka open optical networking) services.

Congratulations to all five winners. These successful wins clearly illustrate the value to service providers of Infinera’s products and strategies.

Throughout the event there was a lot of technical, business, and program information presented, but it was the amount of collaboration during the brainstorming breakouts that struck me most positively. Although the groups were formed from different partners from different countries throughout APAC, the amount of meaningful cooperation and teamwork was extraordinary. The learning opportunities associated with this kind of unrestrained sharing are unmatched. I felt I experienced a truly remarkable collaborative event. As a unified team, we will be able to seize the moment and all win together.

If you are looking for a vendor partner that values your input and encourages sincere collaboration, we welcome your application to the Infinera PartnerPlus program. You can contact us at or our Head of APAC Channels, Maytry Thianesysavanh at