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April 11, 2016

The Infinera Experience - A Unique Recipe for Delivering Peace of Mind

Jeff Marshall By Jeffrey Marshall

Vice President, Service Business Development

A few years ago, I met with the vice president of operations of one of our long-haul network customers, who spoke passionately about how Infinera has dramatically changed his business model for the better.  He also talked about the total experience his company received from Infinera, which extended beyond the product into an area I call “peace of mind.” This executive knew implicitly that unlike some of his other suppliers, Infinera backs its industry-leading products with a team of truly dedicated professionals who ensure everything is deployed quickly, and if ever there is an issue, that it is resolved quickly. In my discussions with other customers, I discovered that they too share a perspective that Infinera’s offerings extend beyond innovative products and technologies to something we call “The Infinera Experience.”

In an effort to make the Infinera Experience even better, we spoke with several customers to hone our offerings.  In doing so, we uncovered a unique recipe made up of three basic ingredients:

  • Highly innovative hardware, enabling customer differentiation
  • Reliability that goes well beyond industry standards
  • “Really smart” and dedicated people backed by a flexible portfolio of services that allow customers to sleep at night

When we combine these ingredients, they result in solutions that create opportunity, and people that instill trust and agility to provide whatever the customer needs to be successful.

Infinera experience - What makes the difference
The Infinera Experience – What makes the difference

Our recent acquisition of metro and packet-optical solutions leader Transmode, has led us to extend our philosophy to a complete end-to-end portfolio. As a result, we have added several unique service offerings that are ideally suited to metro networks, thereby eliminating even more operational concerns for our metro network customers. These service level agreement-backed services include:

  • Pre-staging – Infinera assembles and configures equipment to customer specifications before shipping, to speed deployment
  • Spares Management – Eliminates planning, managing and the logistics of providing spares for an entire network, saving time and money
  • Network Operations and Management – 24/7/365 network management, incident lifecycle management and network triage, enabling customers to focus on revenue, not operations
  • First Line Maintenance – Infinera staffs a network-wide team of technicians to maintain onsite activities with guaranteed onsite services in four hours or less

These service offerings extend the spirit of the Infinera Experience beyond long-haul, subsea and cloud/data center interconnect to the metro market. Because of the large number of end-user services directly connected to metro networks, reliability and maintenance is paramount.

The Infinera Experience manifests itself in providing peace of mind for our customers. Dozens of customers regularly use Infinera as the benchmark in how they evaluate their technology vendor experience. This drives us to continually enhance and deliver the Infinera Experience.

The Infinera Flexible Services Portfolio
The Infinera Flexible Services Portfolio

The Infinera Experience is built on the success of our customers. We believe the best way to give customers the best experience is for us to:

  • Deliver the industry’s most innovative products
  • Provide reliability that keeps our customers’ networks going, no matter what
  • Supplement our customers’ operations with services that ensure our customers’ success in record time, maintaining that success for the long term

Infinera’s Global Customer Service and Technical Support Team takes responsibility for planning, building, supporting and operating the network, enabling customers to scale bandwidth, simplify optical network operations and accelerate service innovation. For more information, contact us.

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