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July 11, 2016

Solving Scale Challenges in Mexico – One of Latin America’s Fastest Growing Markets

Martinez_headshotBy John Martinez, Sr. Marketing Specialist

According to, it is estimated that in 2015 there were over 60 million Internet users in Mexico, which represents about a 50% penetration rate.  Compared to other countries this rate is low, but according to eMarketer, Mexico’s Internet adoption rate is rapidly growing with a 9.4% year-over-year expansion in 2015. The resulting upward trend in bandwidth consumption, combined with the increase from bandwidth hungry applications, is creating capacity constraints in many of Mexico’s largest cities.

To solve the challenge of continuous growth in bandwidth demand, service providers delivering mobile and fixed-line services to Mexico’s metropolitan areas have a real and urgent need for scalable information and communications technology (ICT). Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks have been proven to provide the scalable network bandwidth service providers need when confronted with rapid growth in demand.


To demonstrate the benefits of Infinera’s end-to-end packet-optical solutions for service providers in Mexico, we recently showcased our Infinera Express, the technologically advanced mobile innovation lab, to more than 400 customers and prospective customers. This 500+ square foot state-of-the-art demonstration area houses a team of network engineers who provide hands-on access to working optical networking systems built with Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks. Service providers were able to see how Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks scale network bandwidth, accelerate service innovation and simplify optical network operations. As might be expected, especially well received was the Instant Bandwidth demo where 100G of network capacity is activated on-demand with the click of a mouse. With intelligence that makes powerful capabilities easy to use, such as on-demand bandwidth activation and full network reconfigurations, Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks are enabling operators to meet the needs of their customers.

Based on several packed weeks of demonstrations, it was evident that Mexico’s key mobile and fixed line service providers are committed to scaling their networks to meet the growing user demand in Mexico’s metropolitan areas. And Infinera plans to be by their side, continuing to innovate to solve network operators’ challenges in Latin America and across the globe.

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