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January 14, 2016

Quality At Our Core: Infinera’s Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement in Optical Network Transport Technologies

David CampBy David Camp

Director of Quality

At Infinera, we take quality seriously. We’ve maintained that focus from our founding in 2000, when we introduced photonic integrated circuits (PICs) that integrate hundreds of optical functions and leverage modern chip fabrication techniques to bring new levels of reliability to optical components. We combine this unique technology into wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) systems, such as the DTN-X built with software and hardware that are wrapped in robust unit and system test processes.

The Infinera Experience CIRCLEIn fact, ultra-reliability is one of the four key attributes of what we call the Infinera Experience and a principle of Infinera product designs from the ground up. Today, our Intelligent Transport Networks enable network operators to efficiently deploy scalable WDM systems that carry information in long-haul, subsea, data center interconnect/cloud and now metro networks.

Infinera is part of QuEST Forum’s initiatives, playing an active role in defining best practices, quality measurement and management approaches and quality benchmarking, all of which ultimately are influencing if not evolving into industry measurement standards.

QuestQuEST Forum, a global association of companies including service providers, suppliers and liaisons, is dedicated to impacting the quality and sustainability of products and services in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. QuEST Forum was formed in 1998 to pursue and achieve a goal of global ICT quality and industry-wide performance excellence. Through the implementation of a common set of quality requirements, the collaborative activities of its global work groups, an emphasis on industry best practices and the delivery of a leading-edge measurement system, QuEST Forum advances the quality, reliability and performance of ICT products and services around the world.

tl9000In 2010, Infinera became TL 9000 certified.  Designed by the QuEST Forum in 1998, TL 9000 is a quality management practice built on ISO 9001, the international organization for standardization’s quality management systems standard.  QuEST Forum created TL 9000 to focus on supply chain directives throughout the telecommunications industry. By providing a consistent set of quality requirements and measurements, TL 9000 addresses these customer expectations by adding value and benefits across the total spectrum of disciplines (buyers, suppliers, and service providers).

In addition, Infinera is a participant in QuEST Forum’s network function virtualization (NFV) initiative. Announced by QuEST Forum in 2015, the NFV strategic initiative will assess the needs and requirements of organizations developing and offering NFV services, encompassing reliability, performance and security. This initiative will clarify and prioritize the industry’s current NFV quality and performance reliability issues, and is being led by a team of companies whose products and services are used in the development, deployment and use of NFV. Based on the findings, the team will recommend future QuEST Forum activities to improve performance in these areas. QuEST Forum’s anticipated outcomes include:

  • Providing the industry with measurements of NFV quality of service provided to customers
  • Developing appropriate enhancements to TL 9000 and providing benchmarking opportunities

Quality is at the core of our Intelligent Transport Networks – whether our software services, support services or our platforms. We believe that when our customers win, we win, and quality and continuous improvement are key to that success.

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