Market Perspective: Infinera’s Cloud Xpress Drives Connectivity in Zurich for MySports
August 13, 2018

Motor sports is about performance, reliability and a team that goes the extra mile to excel. It pushes the boundaries for innovation and technology advancement, enabling the automotive sector to find more sustainable methods to keep society on the move. The technology advances developed to thrill us in motor sports… Read More

Sustainability Goals: Sunnyvale Goes Carbon-free
July 27, 2018

At Infinera, we are committed to sustainability across the board – from designing products that save on space and power and will scale to meet bandwidth demand for years to come, to reducing our environmental impact in any way we can, both as a company and as individuals. We recently… Read More

Infinera Announces Intent to Acquire Coriant
July 23, 2018

Earlier today, Infinera announced its intent to acquire Coriant, a global supplier of open, hyperscale networking solutions for service providers and web-scale internet operators. We are excited at the opportunity to combine forces with Coriant and are delighted to imagine the possibilities. Infinera’s acquisition of Coriant positions the company as… Read More

ICE5 Wins NGON & DCI Europe’s Best Photonics Integration of the Year
June 28, 2018

When Infinera unveiled the fifth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine earlier this year, we knew it would be a game-changer. The industry’s first 2.4 terabits per second (Tb/s) optical engine, it delivers unprecedented capacity, reach and spectral and power efficiency. Now we are pleased to be able to say that not only… Read More

Four Reasons Why Sliceable Optics Elevate Network Agility: Part II
May 22, 2018

Recently on the Infinera blog, we discussed how sliceable optics leverage super-channels to enhance networking flexibility and optimize network assets such as power and real estate. The benefits of sliceable optics span a wide scope of applications. This blog describes just a few of the applications often used by communications… Read More

Four Reasons Why Sliceable Optics Elevate Network Agility: Part I
May 3, 2018

While dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) disrupted the telecommunications industry by allowing multiple optical carriers to travel in parallel on the same fiber, thereby increasing total capacity, the latest innovation in photonic integration and digital signal processing has led to the introduction of super-channels to take the network into a new… Read More

Guest Blog: Eurofiber Significantly Increases Bandwidth Capacity on Digital Network Infrastructure with Infinera
April 16, 2018

At Eurofiber, we are proud of our robust, meshed and highly reliable fiber optic network infrastructure. Built as a next-generation network with flexibility and reliability, our customers don’t have to worry about their bandwidth requirements; instead, they can focus on business growth and innovation. Today, Eurofiber's footprint offers national coverage… Read More

ICE5: Innovation on Fast Forward
March 12, 2018

Today we announced the newest Infinite Capacity Engine, ICE5, representing a new step function in optical performance and capacity. ICE5 is a tightly integrated 2.4 terabit per second (Tb/s) optical engine delivering an astounding 600 gigabits per second (Gb/s) per wavelength to enable the most demanding cloud scale applications, such… Read More

Infinera at OFC: Innovation on Fast Forward
March 6, 2018

What can you expect from Infinera at OFC 2018, the premier conference for optical networking and communications? In past years we have introduced unique technological innovations to maximize optical performance for cloud scale transport networks. This year, you’ll see how we are putting that innovation on fast forward. Infinera’s unique… Read More

MOXI Hits the Crazy World of MWC
February 23, 2018

Here we are in Barcelona ready for this year’s monster Mobile World Congress (MWC) show, alongside over 108,000 other attendees and over 2,300 exhibiting companies. This promises to be a very busy and exciting week as we bring MOXI to the MWC audience. MOXI is Infinera’s Mobile Optical Xtreme Infrastructure… Read More