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February 23, 2018

MOXI Hits the Crazy World of MWC

By Jon Baldry
Director, Metro Marketing

Here we are in Barcelona ready for this year’s monster Mobile World Congress (MWC) show, alongside over 108,000 other attendees and over 2,300 exhibiting companies. This promises to be a very busy and exciting week as we bring MOXI to the MWC audience. MOXI is Infinera’s Mobile Optical Xtreme Infrastructure which brings unique capabilities and benefits to both mobile and wholesale operators.

With mobile networks on the cusp of the transition to 5G, operators are bracing themselves for the 5G bandwidth explosion and the significant architectural changes required to support the new services that 5G will bring. This is where Infinera and specifically MOXI can help. As fiber pushes deeper into access networks to directly access more and more cell sites and as the required optical network performance requirements increase operators will need the benefits that MOXI brings.

Specifically, MOXI addresses all aspects of the underlying optical network that supports the wireless infrastructure from Infinera’s 5G-Ready X-Haul at the cell site to through to the high-capacity core with unparalleled scalability, simplicity and superior performance. All this enables a rapid and graceful transition to 5G. Of course, these are claims that many vendors will make so what really makes Infinera’s approach special?

MOXI brings:

  • XTREME FIBER CAPACITY – 27.6 Tbps per fiber, upgrade to 50+Tbps per fi­ber, to support the most demanding mobile core networks
  • XTREME ENVIRONMENTS – Hardened fronthaul/backhaul/X-Haul, for outdoor deployments on the tower
  • XTREME SIMPLICITY – In­finera Auto-Lambda autotuneable optics that enable rapid 4G/5G rollouts as the number of end points in the optical network proliferates
    • Field Proven – Sub-4ns latency mobile fronthaul and extensive backhaul experience
    • Superior Synchronization – SyncE 50x better than G.823 Standard combined with high performance 1588v2 to give the necessary 5G sync performance, now
    • Service Flexibility – The ability to adapt the bandwidth and protocols needed throughout the network as 5G wireless infrastructure becomes commercially available
    • Multiple wireless sync domains per node enabling wholesalers to support multiple wireless operators from the same network

Technical leadership is important, but what ultimately matters is the benefits and value this brings to mobile operators. MOXI’s 5G-Ready capabilities enable mobile operators to build networks now with the scalability, simplicity and superior performance to support a rapid and graceful transition to 5G. This means they can avoid unnecessary rip-and-replace of 4G infrastructure giving them investment protection and allowing them to focus on the rest of the challenges that rolling out 5G will inevitably bring.

If you are also enjoying the delights of Barcelona and MWC this week then why not come and meet us. We’d welcome the opportunity to understand your specific challenges and discuss how MOXI can bring specific value to you. We have a team of executives from across the business and live MOXI demonstrations to bring MOXI to life at MWC.

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