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Infinera at Home

Renee Glowacki

April 5, 2020
By Renee Glowacki
Marketing and Communications Manager

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are working from home. While there are certainly upsides – for instance, the shortest commute ever, adorably furry coworkers, and unfettered access to snacks – it’s still an adjustment even for those of us who are accustomed to telework, given the circumstances. Plus, some of us have found ourselves with young interns that we didn’t bargain for, and let’s just say that although they may be cute, their work ethic could often use some improvement.

These are trying times for everyone, but we at Infinera are making the best of it by staying productive, supporting our customers, and continuing to bring innovations to life while all of us who are able to work from home. The views from our offices may be different, and our officemates may be unconventional (whether feline, canine, or under the age of 12), we are continuing to serve our customers around the world by bringing innovative packet optical and IP transport solutions to market.

We are all proud to be part of an industry that is helping people everywhere manage through this crisis, and we feel that our jobs are more important now than ever before. Together we’re enabling people all around the world to stay connected and informed, to get the goods and services we need to keep our lives running as smoothly as possible, to educate our kids as their schools are closed indefinitely, to connect doctors to patients via telemedicine to reduce the strain on our hospitals, and, of course, to keep ourselves entertained in stressful and uncertain times. We are open for business, connected remotely 24/7, and working harder than ever to support our customers and their end users with an infinite pool of always-available connectivity.

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