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June 19, 2017

Customer Recognition of Infinera Sustainability Program

By Lena Båvegård
Senior Director, Corporate Quality & Sustainability

In recent years, Infinera customers’ focus on sustainability has continuously increased. Customers are focused both on improving their own sustainability programs and efforts to contribute to a more sustainable society, while also evaluating their suppliers to ensure a sustainability focus in the value chain. As sustainability covers many aspects and involves players both upstream and downstream in the value chain, the best results are achieved if all players work together.

In 2016, Magyar Telekom, the Hungarian market-leading information and communications technology (ICT) company and an Infinera customer, evaluated their supplier base from a sustainability perspective as they wanted to empower their partners to consciously participate in sustainable development. In their Sustainability Roundtable XVIII and DELFIN (Díj egy ELkötelezett, Fenntartható, Innovatív Nemzedékért) Award ceremony on June 12, 2017, Infinera was awarded as one of Magyar Telekom’s top three sustainable suppliers in 2016. The evaluation was done from four perspectives: general management, labor practices and human rights, environment, and fair business practices. Magyar Telekom’s DELFIN Award ceremony celebrates a committed, sustainable and innovative generation.

DELFIN Award Ranking
Source: Magyar Telekom, Corporate Sustainability Center, 2016. Chart Shows Results of the Sustainability Web Audit Conducted in 2016. The X-axis Represents the Companies Evaluated by Magyar Telekom, Including Infinera.

The DELFIN Award from Magyar Telekom is a validation of Infinera’s increased efforts to further strengthen our Sustainability Program. The overall Sustainability Program is presented in our Sustainability Report and on our Corporate Social Responsibility web page. The report outlines our sustainability strategy, key focus areas and objectives in the short and long term. In recent years, Infinera’s sustainability strategy has been clarified and incorporated into our business processes. For each of the four focus areas listed below, we have identified activities to continuously drive improvements:

In 2016, we further strengthened our focus on business ethics through the implementation of an updated Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We also continued to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations, primarily focusing on electricity usage and water consumption. Another area that is dear to us is driving initiatives that benefit local causes through a combination of employee team-building activities and charitable donations from both employees and the company that benefit organizations dedicated to improving the health, education and well-being of families and children in our communities.

Our strategy, key focus areas and programs are regularly evaluated to ensure that we focus on those areas that are most relevant to us and in which we as a company can make a difference. As part of this evaluation, we periodically reach out to our key stakeholders – customers, investors, suppliers, employees and the community – to get input on what they consider the most important areas to focus on.

This input is a good basis for further strengthening our sustainability strategy. Topics covered in the most recent stakeholder dialogue included:

  • Of our four key focus areas, is there a particular area you feel should be emphasized?
  • Are there any other focus areas you would like to see added?
  • Do you have any suggestions how Infinera can contribute further with regard to sustainable solutions?
  • Which are the most important sustainability aspects within your organization? How can Infinera contribute to them?

The input from the stakeholder dialogue will be presented in the 2016 Sustainability Report, scheduled to be published in July 2017.

For more information on the award, see the Magyar Telekom press release. For more information on our sustainability activities, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility web page.

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