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Are You Part of the 4 Comma Club?

Portrait of Russ Fordyce

May 18, 2020
By Russ Fordyce
Director of Marketing

Last month I joined the “4 Comma Club.” Luckily it has no membership fees or weird initiation practices – all you have to do to see if you’re eligible is log into your internet service provider’s customer portal or your home router to see if your total internet bandwidth usage exceeded 1,000,000,000 bytes (or one terabyte) for any month.

Internet bandwidth usage chart

If it has, you’re a member! Congratulations! Take a moment now to download your exclusive 4 Comma Club membership badge by right clicking on the image below and selecting “Save image as.” Then share it on your favorite social media site.

The 4 Comma Club is derived from the character Russ Hanneman from HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley, who is driven by his membership in the “3 Comma Club,” meaning his net worth has three commas in it when written out, equaling more than one billion dollars.

COVID-19 has certainly helped push many of us past the 1 terabyte mark, and thankfully most ISPs with bandwidth caps have eliminated them during the pandemic. The number of new 4 Comma Club members (or “power users” as they are called in an OpenVault report) is up 138%, and for the first time those using more than 1 TB a month make up 10% of all subscribers.

So, from me working from home, as well as from my three kids, thank you Comcast and all the ISPs worldwide who are making life at home a lot less challenging and stressful. Thank you to the tens of thousands of network technicians and specialists around the globe who are climbing poles, going up in bucket trucks, and stepping down ladders into manholes to fix, splice, turn up, and deploy the physical networks we have all become so reliant on.

The 4 Comma Club Infographic

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