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2020 Infinera Partner Success on Display at Regional Conference

portrait of Tim Doiron

September 17, 2020
By Tim Doiron
Sr. Director, Solution Marketing

Increasing Bandwidth Demands and Open Networking Enable New Opportunities

We recently completed our 2020 Global Partner Conference.  With all of us living with an ongoing global pandemic, we moved the entire multi-day event online.

While I missed the face-to-face interactions (and good food and beverages) with colleagues, partners, and friends, the virtual experience enabled extensive Infinera executive participation.  The virtual format also allowed far more of our partners and their respective employees to participate, resulting in three to four times the level of attendance that is typical at similar on-site events.

Moderated Panel Discussion

I value interactive discussions and learning from others.  It is the reason I like moderating panels – because I can follow up with additional questions and follow threads and topics more deeply as they emerge in the discussion.

By now you have probably already figured out that I was one of the annoying engineering students asking one too many questions in my university classes.  I moderated the executive panel where Tom Fallon, David Heard, Rob Shore, and Bill Jarvis provided their unique insights and perspectives into topics like changing network traffic patterns, long-term office and work-from-home ramifications from the pandemic, and trends in open optical networking.

Partner, Persevere, and Profit

While moderating the panel was insightful, my favorite part of our partner conference was listening to the numerous firsthand success stories from our partners.  There were three of them that struck a chord with me in terms of both their diversity and their similar needs for reliable high-performance connectivity.

REN Rocks

Research and education networks (REN) need cost-effective high-speed optical transmission capacity.  In one of the success stories shared at the event, a partner described the needs of a major U.S. university.

High levels of research and distributed computing throughout a large urban campus drove the need to interconnect multiple buildings across a distributed campus environment with N x 100s of gigabits of low-latency transmission capacity.  The sled-based, compact 1RU GX Series G30 platform, which offers support for 400 GbE client interfaces and all the capabilities of an open line system, including multi-degree optical switching, was a perfect fit for the campus.  The competition was fierce, but the G30 delivered the best performance at the best price to win the deployment.

Oil and Gas Need Connectivity Too

Another exciting opportunity that our partners won in late 2019 and that began deployment in H1 2020 is in the utility/oil/gas sector.

In this instance, one of our leading submarine channel partners provided engineering and system integration capabilities to deliver a unique XTM Series-based transport solution for an oil and gas supplier.  The solution provides high-speed data center connectivity between submarine landing stations and floating sea-based facilities.  Having perfected this solution with initial deployments, the oil and gas company is planning additional phased deployments throughout a multi-year timeline.

Consortiums Deliver High Capacity

In one of the regional sessions, we heard about the collaboration of three regional network operators that were expanding and consolidating their cooperation to create a joint fiber optic network, providing digital innovation support for this region and data center connectivity for a major internet exchange.

The multiservice aspects of the XTM Series platform proved to be the optimal solution – providing rich DWDM, Fibre Channel, OTN, and Ethernet services support.

At the edge of the network, Infinera’s EMXP-XH800 Ethernet platform augmented the solution for 10G Ethernet service aggregation.  The XH800’s support for 100G/200G DWDM line-side interfaces enable it to deliver Ethernet switching and optical transport in a compact, low-power form factor – simplifying deployment and minimizing equipment.

As we wrapped up the final presentation around midnight Chicago time (morning APAC session), I briefly reflected on the industry that I am proud to have been a part of for many years.  I get to collaborate with smart, creative, technical people every single day.

I always learn something new, and I look forward to more collaboration with our partners around the globe.  The intersection of increasing bandwidth demand and open networking solutions is creating an exciting opportunity for Infinera and its partners to help a broad variety of companies expand their information and communication technology capabilities. It’s time for a little rest now – but we will back at it again tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone.