Brochure: DTN-X Family Product Overview
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Telstra and Infinera Validate Advanced Coherent Toolkit
Joint trial evaluated a range of next-generation super-channel coherent modulation technologies
Andy Lumsden, Head of Network Services, Telstra Global Enterprise and Services said, “The flexibility of PIC-based super-channels has proven to be a major advantage in subsea operations, and the addition of next generation coherent processing provides an important capacity boost. These capabilities see us continue to exceed the demands of our customers, and provide exceptional service levels across the Telstra Global Network and North American region.”

Subsea operators are facing unprecedented growth in bandwidth demand due to the rise of new cloud-based services. Many subsea cable systems are running out of capacity faster than previously planned. Trans-Atlantic bandwidth is forecast to grow at 40 percent annually through 2025, with most of this traffic generated by private networks [Telegeography]. This private traffic, as opposed to public internet traffic, is dominated by N x 100 gigabits per second (100G) “elephant flows” traveling between the data centers of internet content providers as they move and pre-position content around the globe. Subsea network operators need to maximize the fiber capacity and reach of their cable plants while simultaneously optimizing their networks to efficiently handle these 100G flows. They need to support smooth scale-out capacity expansion to address customer demands fast. Subsea network operators, thus, require cloud scale networks that are scalable, programmable, and flexible, with best-in-class techniques for robust security and rapid reconfigurability. The next generation of Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks brings cloud scale technology to subsea transport networks, addressing these diverse traffic requirements extremely efficiently when compared with conventional architectures.

The DTN-X Family, powered by Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine, is designed to power cloud scale networks for subsea network operators. The DTN-X Family features subsea-optimized modulation formats such as matrix-enhanced phase shift keying (ME-PSK) and 3 quadrature amplitude modulation (3QAM), as well as Infinera’s Advanced Coherent Toolkit, featuring the industry’s first Nyquist subcarriers and soft decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) gain sharing to enhance capacity-reach performance. Cutting-edge techniques like dynamic spectral sharing and real-time access to subsea performance parameters in the platforms enhance Infinera’s open and programmable network architecture, helping operators to improve monetization of their subsea spectrum.

The DTN-X Family platforms enable multi-terabit super-channels to be sliced, providing wavelength-level granularity so each wavelength can be tuned across the C-band, modulated and then routed to the appropriate destination. All traffic transported by the platforms is encrypted in flight at Layer 1 at line rate. The XTS Series platforms within the DTN-X Family are the industry’s first subsea transport-optimized meshponders, combining muxponder technology with sliceable photonics in a server-like wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) appliance. The XTS Series supports 2.4 terabits per second (2.4T) sliceable super-channels in a low-power, highly compact form factor. The DTN-X XTC-10 and XTC-4 platforms feature a subsea-optimized line module supporting 1.2T sliceable super-channels. The XTS Series interoperates with the DTN-X XTC and XT Series, providing a unified end-to-end Intelligent Transport Network portfolio, and when combined with Infinera’s Instant Bandwidth it allows for instant end-to-end network reconfiguration.

Infinera’s technology allows operators to seamlessly merge their terrestrial backbones, cable landing backhaul, and subsea networks into a single network. The operator can provision new services and establish protection or restoration on an end-to-end basis on a global scale. With these advanced offerings, Infinera continues to provide highly scalable, flexible and programmable subsea transport platforms, delivering on Infinera’s vision of enabling an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth that the next communications infrastructure is built upon.