The Next Generation of Coherent Optical
Advanced Coherent Toolkit for Super-channels
Infinera's new Advanced Coherent Toolkit enables operators to improve their fiber capacity-reach performance
Increasing Capacity in Subsea Tranmission
Extracting More Capacity in Subsea Transmission
Learn how the move from 100G non-coherent to 100G coherent wavelengths has happened faster than analysts originally estimated
Telstra and Infinera Validate Advanced Coherent Toolkit
Joint trial evaluated a range of next-generation super-channel coherent modulation technologies

Subsea operators are facing an unprecedented environment of demand growth and technological evolution. Many cable systems are facing capacity demands far in excess of their maximum design capacity on the day they were activated. Fortunately, coherent technology is transforming the commercial and technological landscape of subsea transport networks. By increasing system capacities many times over, this technology is enabling subsea operators to extend the commercial life of older cable systems and avoid the massive capital investment of deploying new cable systems. Infinera continues to drive optical leadership with next-generation coherent optical by increasing the capacity and reach of subsea and terrestrial systems. Infinera’s new Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT) enables operators to improve their fiber capacity-reach performance with:

  • Nyquist subcarriers
  • Soft decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) gain sharing
  • Matrix-enhanced phase shift keying (ME-PSK)
  • High gain SD-FEC
  • Flexible channel spacing

Infinera combines large-scale photonic integrated circuit-based (PIC) photonics and advanced application specific integrated circuit (ASIC)/digital signal processor (DSP) electronics, two key technologies that enable the Advanced Coherent Toolkit.

Infinera's technology allows the operator to seamlessly merge their terrestrial backbone, cable landing backhaul, and subsea networks into a single network. The operator can provision new services and establish protection or restoration on an end-to-end basis, on a global scale, managed by one system, the Infinera DTN-X XTC Series. The DTN-X XTC Series features the highly reliable PIC and advanced FlexCoherent™ DSP to deliver high performance coherent technology adapted for the tough subsea environment. Its ease-of-use design along with the Infinera Instant Bandwidth solution help providers simplify network operations while accelerating service delivery.

With these advanced offerings, Infinera continues to pioneer the next generation of coherent technology and enable operators to harness the maximum capacity for a given reach from new or existing subsea and long-haul terrestrial cable systems carrying super-channels.