Solutions Overview

Network operators of all kinds are facing the challenge of scaling their networks and the operational teams that run them to meet growing traffic demands.  The response of the DWDM industry historically has been to ramp up wavelength data rates, but this approach on its own is now hitting fundamental limits of optical physics.

Infinera has added a new dimension of scalability in the form of the coherent super-channel, that allows an individual network engineer to turn up five times the capacity in the same time as a 100Gb/s transponder.  We’ve made this capability cashflow-efficient using our Instant Bandwidth™ capability, and we’ve transformed this raw super-channel capacity into an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth using Bandwidth Virtualization.  This non-blocking OTN switching capability provides everything from point and click service provisioning using GMPLS and Transport SDN, through to enhanced, hardware-assisted service protection provided by Infinera’s unique FastSMP Processor™.

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