Mobile Fronthaul

Mobile operators are looking for new architectures that can help reduce cost, simplify networks and share resources to match the dynamic nature of mobile networks. Power and space are a scarce resource at base station sites, and the total power bills are considerable. Infinera’s Mobile Fronthaul solution, which supports cloud radio access network (C-RAN) architectures, enables network operators to control ongoing operational costs and greatly increase the flexibility of their networks.

XTM Series’ strengths in synchronization and transparent data transport bring unique advantages to operators. Benefits include low latency, a compact footprint and low power consumption, as well as support for the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) and Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) protocols.

Infinera provides both Mobile Fronthaul and Mobile Backhaul solutions, enabling the best economics and flexibility for operators
Infinera provides both mobile fronthaul and mobile backhaul solutions, enabling the best economics and flexibility for operators.

Infinera offers three main options to operators looking to build fronthaul networks: passive, semi-passive and active. The semi-passive and active options have a number of sub-options, each providing different key values to the operators.

The passive option is based on Infinera’s widely-deployed XTG Series platform, and provides a no-power and cost-efficient approach to mobile fronthaul. Protected CPRI/OBSAI transport can also be offered. By adding active capabilities to the passive option, the semi-passive option offers features for more advanced network monitoring.

The active option, with its three sub-options, is based on Infinera’s XTM Series packet-optical platform. All three sub-options bring ultra-low latency and superior sync performance, key factors in fronthaul networks. One of the sub-options also provides delay compensation.

The mobile fronthaul solution coexists with Infinera’s Mobile Backhaul solutions and allows operators the optimal network for their mobile traffic.

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