Mobile Transport

Fiber is becoming the medium for mobile transport networks. It is a natural choice due to the capacity advantages that optical fiber holds. Add to this the fact that mobile networks are developing into more diversified and complex architectures – Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-Advanced) being one example, cloud radio access networks (C-RAN) being another. The underlying transport network must fulfill new sets of requirements in areas such as frequency, phase and time-of-day synchronization, and capabilities like small footprint and low power consumption are more important than ever.

Infinera offers solutions to address both of these new architectures: Infinera’s Mobile Fronthaul solution addresses the C-RAN evolution, and Infinera’s Mobile Backhaul 2.0 solution addresses the increasing demand for LTE-Advanced networks. .

Infineraoffers solutions both for Mobile Fronthaul and Mobile Backhaul
Infinera offers solutions both for mobile fronthaul and mobile backhaul.

Infinera’s Mobile Fronthaul solution provides several options for passive and active deployments, all featuring low power and high density advantages, along with industry-leading performance in the synchronization and low latency required for fronthaul applications.

Infinera’s Mobile Backhaul 2.0 solution introduces a toolbox of synchronization capabilities fulfilling strict requirements in frequency, phase and time-of-day synchronization combined with the high-performance transport functionality required in today’s and tomorrow’s mobile backhaul networks.

Managing these networks is made easy with Enlighten™, Infinera’s multi-layer management suite. A single management suite for both fronthaul and backhaul applications brings many advantages, such as service assurance and service provisioning being done in the most cost-efficient way through the whole life cycle of the network, from planning to deployment and day-to-day operations.