Video: Cloud Xpress 2 - Raising the Bar
Introducing the second generation of Cloud Xpress, raising the bar for data center interconnect
Application Note: Secure Metro Cloud Fabric
Using Cloud Xpress 2 to meet the scaling demands of cloud networks, simply, efficiently, securely
Benefits of Cloud Scale Transport Networks
Cloud scale network architecture with multi-terabit super-channels and sliceable photonics delivers over 50% better TCO
Video: Cloud Xpress 2 Optical Leadership
With the Infinite Capacity Engine, Cloud Xpress 2 delivers cutting edge optical performance
Infinera Infinite Capacity Engine Brochure
Infinite Capacity Engine offers network operators up to 2.4T super-channel capacity and up to 12,000 km reach in a single small package
Brochure: DTN-X XT Series Product Overview
Compact server-like meshponder platforms for high-bandwidth interconnect

Whether you are building secure metro cloud fabrics by interconnecting data centers across a metro area or expanding your cloud around the globe, Infinera delivers open, programmable networks optimized for multi-terabit cloud scale. Our open solutions range from high-capacity metro data center interconnect (DCI) to long-haul and subsea Intelligent Transport Networks, all built on Infinera’s unique photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology.

Build Your Secure Metro Cloud Fabric with Cloud Xpress
The Cloud Xpress is optimized for scaling secure metro DCI networks with:

  • High capacity with rapid scalability
  • Simplicity and automation
  • Space and power efficiency
  • Built-in security with support for in-flight wire-rate data encryption

The newest Cloud Xpress model, the Infinera Cloud Xpress 2, hits the sweet spot for building a metro cloud. The Cloud Xpress 2 incorporates Infinera’s groundbreaking Infinite Capacity Engine, delivering a 1.2 terabit per second (Tb/s) wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) super-channel in only one rack unit (1RU) and scaling to 27.6 Tb/s per fiber pair.

The Cloud Xpress 2 extends the simplicity and automation advantages that are built into every Cloud Xpress model, enabling cloud service providers to meet their operational efficiency goals. The Cloud Xpress family delivers a combination of plug-and-play reach and capacity that is superior to alternative solutions, simplifying network deployment, configuration and ongoing management.

Span the Globe with Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks
Leading internet content providers (ICPs) rely on Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks to create cloud scale global networks, connecting remote hyperscale data centers to each other and to metro data centers located close to their users. Key components of Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks for ICPs include:

  • The DTN-X XT Series introduces the industry’s first small-form-factor, server-like meshponder WDM platforms, optimized for delivery of cloud scale network services over long-haul, regional and data center interconnect networks spanning hundreds and thousands of kilometers (km). The server-like XT Series meshponders seamlessly interoperate with the chassis-based DTN-X XTC Series switching platforms. The meshponder platforms include Infinera’s unique Instant Bandwidth technology, sliceable super-channels, in-flight wire-speed encryption and the Advanced Coherent Toolkit (ACT) for better capacity-reach performance.
  • Infinera FlexILS™ flexible grid line system is the industry’s most widely-deployed flexible grid open optical line system. It enhances the scalability, flexibility and programmability of Intelligent Transport Networks and is fully open and interoperable with Infinera and third-party terminals.
  • Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks support cloud automation that aligns to ICP operating models. Key elements of cloud automation include programmability via open application programming interfaces (APIs) and open information models, and advanced capabilities such as topology discovery, zero-touch provisioning and streaming telemetry.