Storage Replication

The requirement of data storage is universal, and over the last decade or so enterprises have seen exponential growth in both their structured and unstructured data through the use of databases, new media and intelligent distributed applications.

Enhancements in network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) technology have reduced the cost of storing and managing this data, enabling even smaller enterprises to grow their networked storage use rapidly. With IHS Infonetics forecasting the SAN switch/adapter market to grow to around $10 billion by 2016, it’s expected that more and more enterprises of all sizes will need to move large data volumes efficiently between sites to support business continuity, disaster recovery, big data analysis and other requirements.

Infinera’s XTM Series solutions enable enterprises to scale their Fibre Channel-based storage infrastructure from 1 gigabit (FC-100) to 16 gigabit (FC-1600). XTM Series data center solutions in metro networks can be as simple as passive filters to increase fiber capacity, and can evolve to active high-capacity point-to-point systems, and even ultimately multi-site dynamic and agile optical networks, all within a single, modular, flexible system.

Infinera’s packet-optical technologies allow customers to tailor their networks to their unique requirements, increasing the capacity, scalability, availability, redundancy and resilience of networks only as needed and without adding unnecessary infrastructure costs.

Infinera works with storage vendors to ensure that our solutions fully support the requirements of our customers. Infinera has achieved Brocade Data Center Ready certification, for which our technology was rigorously tested by Brocade in their labs with their switches, on the XTM Series optical systems both for storage and Ethernet support, and XTM Series solutions have been widely deployed with every major storage vendor.

By developing transparent solutions supporting native storage protocols alongside Ethernet fabrics, Infinera ensures that data is transported with the lowest latency and lowest jitter, enabling customers to distribute data further and more cost-effectively while supporting their business continuity requirements. As customers migrate to Ethernet fabric infrastructures, they will not only benefit from increased resilience and network efficiency, but also potentially be able to redeploy any Fibre Channel transponders for Ethernet, extending the life of the optical system and reducing overall costs.