Enterprise Networks

Driven by the need for greater productivity and lower costs, enterprises around the globe are moving their applications to the cloud. Today, nine out of 10 enterprises use at least one cloud application to increase productivity and reduce costs. In addition to these drivers, the need for scalable bandwidth driven by the proliferation of large volumes of digital content and applications has enterprises turning to a new hybrid cloud network model, with applications delivered from an abstracted cloud services layer that bridges private and public cloud infrastructures. Intelligent optical and packet-optical networks are becoming critical to enterprise success, with a direct impact on productivity and the ability to compete for long-term business success.

Key Enterprise Applications
Most enterprises rely on a few key applications that are vital to their existence, all with varying requirements. These applications include:

Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks are built to accommodate these varying requirements while maximizing performance and cost-efficiency.

Why Consider Infinera for Your Enterprise Solutions
Infinera delivers the benefits of intelligent optical and packet-optical networking with high-performance Intelligent Transport Networks that are built around security, simplicity and cost-effectiveness:

  • Security – An enterprise’s success is heavily dependent on its ability to protect its own and its customers’ data. Cyber-attacks and data breaches are increasing in frequency and can trigger irreparable damage to the company’s reputation and its ability to conduct business. Many enterprises are implementing in-flight data encryption to complement their other security measures. Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks protect the enterprise’s mission-critical data with features like built-in support for wire-speed encryption and strong authentication.
  • Simplicity – Optical networking is not a core competency for most enterprises, so Infinera has dramatically simplified network design, implementation and operation with features like zero-touch provisioning, network auto-discovery and intuitive graphical user interfaces.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Infinera delivers cost-effective solutions with plug-and-play operations, low power consumption, high density in a small footprint and on-demand network capacity with Infinera Instant Bandwidth.


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