Enterprise Networks

Enterprise computing has been through a paradigm shift over the last few decades. The industry has moved from centralized computing power, distributed through low-capacity flat networks, to local computing power with the arrival of “the PC” over hierarchical networks. Today’s networks and security appliances now deliver and protect data in these advanced distributed networks. More recently, with the introduction of cloud computing, the market has evolved further with virtualized services, desktops and servers operating over complex, routed high-capacity networks.

Fiber networks are essential for optical networking, and each global region has its own challenges, whether it’s a government levy on this infrastructure or simply the challenge of making the most of what’s available between sites. Infinera’s focus is to maximize this available capacity through solutions ensuring network operators get the most from their optical networks, without compromise.

Infinera continuously develops optical networking solutions for metropolitan area networks, where high-capacity networks are needed by service providers. Much like other network and security technologies in this market, with the arrival of “big data,” enterprises now have a direct need for their own optical networks or managed optical services from service providers.

Infinera’s flexible optical networks, based on the XTM Series metro platform, have been designed from the ground up for metro and enterprise requirements. As a leading metro wavelength-divsion multiplexing (WDM) manufacturer, Infinera focuses on low cost of ownership, scalable, Low Power Design, Low Latency Design and High Density Design solutions that enable the enterprise market to adopt high-capacity networks that underpin big data requirements both in the data center and in the regional offices.

Ease-of-use and service-oriented management enables customers to run flexible optical networks without the headache of understanding the complexities of the underlying technology. Infinera was the fastest growing optical networking manufacturer in 2011 (Infonetics Research February 2012) with the lowest power and lowest latency solutions, and our customers are a testament to our suitability and fit with enterprise requirements.

Infinera’s solutions address specific areas within the Enterprise segment: