This paper reviews the SDN-enabled transport platform, an open software approach and benefits to service providers
Optimize and automate the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network to deliver innovative services
Read about the industry's first virtualization for the optical layer using Infinera's OTS software

Are you ready to move to a Transport SDN programmable network? Infinera’s Transport SDN solution brings the power of SDN to the transport layer. Infinera’s Transport SDN solution, comprising the Open Transport Switch (OTS) software and the Intelligent Transport Network, unleashes the power of abstraction to offer a real-time on-demand programmable bandwidth service model. This solution’s cutting-edge yet simplified approach was built from the ground up with an IT mindset and allows service providers to deliver innovative services and automate their operations while enabling optimal resource utilization within a multi-layer network.

With customer bandwidth requirements increasing exponentially, Infinera’s Transport SDN solution is designed to exploit maximum value from the network while keeping costs to a minimum. It offers the ability to deliver intelligent next-generation services and helps service providers transform to an on-demand pay-per use revenue model, simplifying customer experience.

Infinera offers a highly programmable, flexible and open approach towards SDN:

  • Infinera's Intelligent Transport Network leverages Photonic Integration Circuit (PIC) technology to support super-channels that create large, efficient pools of programmable DWDM bandwidth. In addition, features such as packet-aware transport, OTN switching, CDC ROADM switching, Instant Bandwidth and FlexCoherent provide network operators with an unparalleled level of transport agility and flexibility, forming a solid foundation for SDN-based control and programmability. Click here to learn more about the Intelligent Transport Network.
  • Infinera’s OTS is a lightweight software construct that offers an open Web 2.0 API that facilitates easy and rapid integration of Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Network into the operator’s SDN framework. With OTS, network operators can realize dynamic programmability of optical transport services and resources and leverage the full set of software-controllable capabilities the converged packet/OTN/WDM network has to offer, whether it be enabling new innovative service capabilities, streamlining operations, or facilitating multi-layer resource optimization. To learn more about Infinera’s Open Transport Switch, click here.

Infinera’s Transport SDN solution delivers the following key values:

  • Increased Revenues: Through automatic operations and better use of previously underutilized network assets, service providers are able to create new markets and cater to a wide range of customers, resulting in increased revenue opportunities.
  • Customer Retention: Through innovative on-demand services, accelerated speed of service delivery, flexible contracts, and most importantly allowing customers to build their own applications that can integrate with network’s open APIs, service providers can improve customer experience.
  • Reduced CapEx and OpEx: Through automated operations that enable efficient resource allocation and traffic optimization within a multi-layer network, service providers can shorten service delivery times and also reduce both router and transport resources.