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Infinera’s founding vision is to enable an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth that the next communications infrastructure is built upon. The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network is an evolution from the Digital Optical Network architecture that was introduced in 2005. Today Infinera is well-recognized in the technology segments of optical WDM transport and digital OTN switching. The company has recently expanded its architecture featuring advanced automation, convergence and scalability to the metro cloud market.

A Clean-Slate Design

Infinera pioneered a new approach for networks with photonic integration. This provides massive WDM capacity in small power and space footprints to handle growing bandwidth needs. It also allows the transport system to scale in other dimensions – adding multi-layer switching including MPLS and OTN without any performance compromise while injecting software intelligence. This clean-slate design differs from competitive solutions that are tactical as they use 10G/40G platforms that may need to be retrofitted for scale or performance or completely refreshed within a couple of years. We believe that the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network offers strategic business value to customers and protects investments for the next decade.