Government Networks

More than ever before, government networks are under pressure to respond to a range of factors that are driving very rapid growth in demand. From Infinera's perspective, the two most common factors are national security and a need to do more with the available funding.

The Infinera Advantage

As a US-headquartered company with an expanding international presence, Infinera has a number of specific advantages to offer government agencies looking to deploy their own optical infrastructure.

Infinera has created its own, unique Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology in its fabrication plant in Sunnyvale, California. You can read about PICs in our technology section, but in short we vertically integrate these chips into DWDM switching systems that we call Intelligent Transport Networks™. Since all the services that run over an optical network are digital, we aim to keep as much digital technology in the optical network as makes economic sense. Intelligent Transport Networks cost less to own and operate, offer significantly higher rack density, use less power than a comparable analog system, and are proving to be incredibly reliable in real-world installations. All of these advantages are a direct result of the power of photonic integration. In an Intelligent Transport Network, bandwidth is deployed 100Gb/s at a time. This capacity is immediately made available to our Digital Bandwidth Management for wavelength and sub-wavelength switching and grooming, and to our GMPLS-based embedded software intelligence. The result is that a wide variety of network operations can be highly automated, thus leading to dramatic reductions in operational costs. One important result is that existing services can be modified in seconds, and new services can be delivered in days, not months.

Our solution, which we call a "digital" ROADM, is capable of dealing with all types of network from long haul, through regional and even metro core environments. This approach simplifies the network design, and massively reduces the cost and complexity of spare parts.

Infinera has standard Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS) contract terms, and has the ability to operate in partnership with QGSI. We offer a full Professional Services capability for the design, installation and support of Intelligent Transport Networks worldwide.