Technical Papers and Presentations

2015 Papers & Presentations
FastSMP™ for Network Operators
Infographic - Evolving to the Terabit_Era
Intelligent Transport Network for Network Operators
Technical Papers and Presentations
Realizing Packet:Optical Networks
Presented at INTX, May 5-7 2015
Enabling an SDN Approach to Multi-Layer Network Provisioning and Optimization
Presented at Optical Fiber Communication Conference 2015
Demonstration of SDN Orchestration in Optical Multi-Vendor Scenarios
Presented at Optical Fiber Communication Conference, March 22–26, 2015
The Rise of Optical Data Center Networks

An Infonetics Research / IHS Webinar Co-produced with Infinera, February 24, 2015

Optimizing Data Center WANs with SDN and Underlay Networking
Presented at PTC '15, January 19, 2015
2014 Papers & Presentations
Paving the Path to Multi- Layer Networking via SDN
Presented at Cable Tech Summit 2014, October, 2014