Infinera Management Suite

Infinera Management Suite provides an integrated set of product applications that address today's and tomorrow's network management challenges.

  • Simplified GUI based provisioning leveraging network routing and signaling intelligence to speed up service deployment
  • Powerful tools to monitor, troubleshoot and isolate network wide and equipment level problems that greatly reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Robust and scalable architecture enabling carrier class operations and administration
  • Automated, flow-through integration with Service Provider back-office systems with open, standard interfaces and toolkits
  • Total network life cycle with optical planning, optimal routing, what-if analysis, and comprehensive output reports for new and incremental network design and engineering

Available individually or as a set, this suite of customizable applications and Operational Support System (OSS) interfaces are designed for a broad range of operational environments, with redundancy, security, and scalability options to address the needs of each service provider's unique situation. User-friendly graphical interfaces simplify and enhance access to nodal and network level administration functions, while the OSS integration interfaces and options enable flow-through processing for seamless service provisioning and maintenance.

Robust Carrier-class Applications and Toolsets

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