Infinera Line System (ILS)

Unleash the power of your transport network – Automate Everything! The Infinera Line System is the optical line system that enhances the scalability, efficiency and flexibility of Intelligent Transport Networks™.

With the Infinera Line System, experience:

  • Higher spectral efficiency with future-proof flexible grid architecture
  • Efficient bandwidth management and flexibility with multi-layer switching
  • Super-channel FlexROADM with unconstrained switching in optical layer
  • Full automation with GMPLS based unified control plane

Infinera Line System with DTN-X
Figure: Infinera Line System with DTN-X

Future-proof your network with ITU-T flexible grid channel plan. The flexible grid channel plan with granularity of 12.5GHz efficiently packs any combination of optical carriers, modulations, and data rate on the same optical fiber and enables more capacity over optical fiber with future-proofing for terabit super-channels. Infinera Line System supports 4.8THz extended C-band with up to 24 Tb/s of capacity on a single strand of optical fiber. The Infinera Line System combines FlexCoherent™ technology with new generation of coherent optimized EDFA and RAMAN amplifiers to provide the industry’s best optical performance.

Multi-layer switching architecture enables the deployment of optical networks with the lowest possible cost, up to 22% less than competing architectures. Multi-layer switching combines the benefits of digital switching for efficient packing of client services and super-channel based optical switching for operational simplicity and flexibility of express traffic.

Super-channel FlexROADM provides unconstrained optical switching by eliminating the restrictions of fixed wavelengths per port (colorless), allows any wavelength to be added/dropped to/from any direction (directionless), and enables multiple copies of the same wavelength on a single add/drop structure (contentionless).

Automate Everything with GMPLS-based control plane. GMPLS based optical control plane, compliant with ITU-T WSON/SSON, provides resource discovery, provisioning automation and optical restoration enabling full automation at the photonic layer. Infinera's unified control plane, the optical layer (layer 0) control plane works in tandem with OTN layer (layer 1) control plane and provides efficient network planning and end to end simpler multi-layer service management in the network.

Benefits of Multi-Layer Switching
Figure: Benefits of Multi-Layer Switching