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FierceTelecom, 11/16/2015
"CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) will deliver 1.5 Tbps of super-channel transmission capacity to support SCinet during the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC15) this week. Leveraging Infinera's DTN-X platform, the 1.5 Tbps of line-side capacity will connect the Austin Convention Center to CenturyLink's global fiber optic network.", 11/13/2015
"At Infinera, candidates are asked to participate in a "Tech Talk," a 45-to-60-minute presentation on their work. The idea is to see the candidate in action and gain a better understanding of the candidate’s past projects, roles and contributions."
Lightwave, 11/12/2015
"Uptake of optical DCI is being driven by the migration of services to data centers and the cloud as service providers simplify deployment models and accelerate delivery of new and differentiated services," says Tim Doiron, practice lead for Intelligent Transport Networking at the market research firm. "New and expanded data center deployments are being driven by a variety of service providers including Internet content providers, network service providers, and interexchange providers as well as enterprises themselves. As more functions become automated and virtualized, the need to interconnect data centers for capacity, resiliency, and versatility will continue to grow and increase the need for reliable, cost-effective, high-speed data center interconnections."
FierceTelecom, 11/11/2015
"Windstream is laying a foundation to expand its wholesale service presence in the Western market by lighting a set of new diverse 500G routes from Denver to Chicago and Dallas. Leveraging Infinera's DTN-X platform, the new routes will offer its service provider customers the option to order 100G wavelengths in these markets."
Data Center Knowledge, 11/10/2015
"The explosion of internet video is changing nearly everything about how the internet is built, from its geographic layout down to the specific interconnect technologies inside data centers and top-of-rack network switches that move packets between those optical interconnect boxes – also referred to as DCI – and servers that store and process the data. One big change happening on the DCI front is the transition to 100 Gigabit Ethernet, the standard defined five years ago for pushing unprecedented amounts of data over networks...The test, overseen and validated by independent data center networking technology testing organization called The Lippis Report, confirmed 100 GbE throughput at latency under 20 microseconds with zero loss for "any mix of traffic" end to end. That’s data traveling from a server in one data center through an Arista switch to an Infinera DCI box, over up to 150 kilometers of fiber into another Infinera DCI box at a remote data center, and through another Arista switch to another server in less than 20 microseconds, uncompromised. The solution was tested at 10 Gigabits per second and at 100 Gbps, according to the test report."
ACG Research, 11/9/2015
"ACG Research has released its Q2/2015 worldwide Optical Data Center Interconnect (DCI) market share analysis as well as its 2014–2019 worldwide forecast for Optical infrastructure platforms purchased by service providers for use in data center interconnect applications. [...] The top three optical DCI suppliers worldwide in Q2/2015 are Ciena, Infinera and Alcatel-Lucent, respectively. [...] Although the majority of Optical DCI deployments to date have been with multi-slotted chassis products, small-form factor Optical DCI appliances are entering the market at a rapid pace, led by Infinera’s two rack-unit (2RU) Cloud Xpress, which debuted in late 2014."
Lightwave, 11/9/2015
"Optical transport systems vendor Infinera (NASDAQ:INFN) and data switch provider Arista Networks said last week that The Lippis Report has validated the performance of their joint data center interconnect approach. The run-through with the independent test organization provides confirmation that the combination of the Infinera Cloud Xpress and Arista 7280 programmable switching platform will provide line-rate 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) throughput with low latency across 150 km without external amplification, the partners assert."
Converge! Network Digest, 11/4/2015
"An independent test report has found the Infinera-Arista joint data center interconnect (DCI) solution capable of operating at 100 GbE line-rate throughput with zero loss for any mix of traffic. The Lippis Report, which provides independent testing of datacenter and enterprise networking solutions, issued the performance test report on the end-to-end DCI solution using Infinera’s Cloud Xpress optical DCI transport platform and Arista’s 7280 programmable switching platform."
Lightwave, 11/3/2015
"...A*STAR chose the Cloud Xpress for its density, operational simplicity, and low power consumption. The 2RU platform is targeted at metro/regional applications. The company recently announced the XT-500, which could be used for long-haul data center interconnect requirements."
Fierce Telecom, 10/28/2015
"Having completed its acquisition of Transmode, Infinera now has a sizeable metro product set to serve new and existing customers. It has already signed up Hanoi Telecom as one of its initial new customers, for example. "Only a few weeks after the acquisition closed, we're already seeing early tangible benefits from Transmode," Fallon said. "Our recently announced deal with Hanoi Telecom was notable, marking the first customer where we sold Transmode's portfolio into an existing Infinera customer."