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Infinera Delivers
"Instant Bandwidth"
to Accelerate Time to Revenue

Infinera Delivers Instant Bandwidth to Accelerate Time to Revenue

In this Market Impact report from ACG Research, Eve Griliches outlines how Infinera Instant Bandwidth™ enables network operators to achieve a success-based business model.

Infinera Instant Bandwidth™:
Turn On Capacity with
One Click

Infinera Instant Bandwidth: Turn On Capacity

Get up to speed with an industry-first solution that delivers Nx100G WDM capacity in minutes.

TeliaSonera International Carrier Deploys Instant Bandwidth on Infinera DTN-X

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See how TeliaSonera International Carrier is adding incremental 100G capacity in minutes using Infinera Instant Bandwidth™

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How Does Infinera Instant Bandwidth™ Work?

Infinera Instant Bandwidth enables optical transport network operators to rapidly deploy bandwidth in 100 Gigabits per second (100G) increments without having to deploy and install additional line cards in the system. It offers transport operators the ability to rapidly provision additional 100G capacity with a success-based business model. Instant Bandwidth enables service providers to differentiate their services by shortening provisioning times, accelerating service delivery, and reducing time to revenue.

Comparing Infinera Instant Bandwidth™ with the Competition

Infinera Instant Bandwidth enables operators to deploy 100G of capacity the same day as they turn on the customer services. In contrast, competitive solutions use conventional architecture that results in a time "penalty". This is because they require multiple time consuming activities for each additional 100G line card that needs to be deployed such as ordering, shipping, installation and provisioning taking several weeks to fulfill. A potential alternate approach for a competitive solution would be to over-order WDM line-cards for a chassis incurring a significant money "penalty".