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Unleashing Cloud Networks

Video: Get up to speed with the Cloud Xpress

SVP of Cloud Network Strategy and
Technology Stu Elby discusses
Cloud Xpress

Brochure: Introducing the Infinera Cloud Xpress

Brochure: Introducing the Infinera Cloud Xpress

Break free with hyper scalability, efficiency and simplicity

White Paper: Architecture for Data Center Interconnects

White Paper: Architecture for Data Center Interconnects

Read about the unique connectivity needs of Cloud Data Centers

Whether you are interconnecting your data centers, building your own high performance cloud network, or offering new XaaS services, Infinera can help.

Leverage our ultra-compact Cloud Xpress and slot in a few extra terabits wherever needed, or bandwidth virtualization to make your network more efficient overall. By coupling photonic Integration with the right innovation, Infinera solutions enable you to build scalable, cost-efficient cloud networks that are simple, flexible and easy to operate.

The Infinera Cloud Xpress is designed to provide the following benefits for the metro cloud:

  • Hyper-scale Density - The Cloud Xpress delivers one terabit per second (Tb/s) of input and output capacity in just two rack units (RU) with up to 500 gigabits per second (Gb/s) of line-side capacity and a mix of 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 40 GbE and 100 GbE client- side interfaces. For network operators that need to scale the metro cloud in the least amount of space, the Cloud Xpress leads the industry with an unprecedented 21 Tb/s of input and output capacity per 42 RU rack.
  • Simplified Operations - Cloud data centers use a different operational model than traditional service provider central offices. The Cloud Xpress is designed with a rack-and-stack form factor and a new software approach that will enable it to plug into existing cloud provisioning systems using open SDN APIs. By offering an experience similar to the server and storage infrastructure currently deployed in the cloud, the Cloud Xpress enables smooth integration into existing operational processes enabling cloud providers to scale quickly, reduce human errors and lower operational costs.
  • Lowest Power - The Cloud Xpress consumes half as much power as the current leader of the market for comparably-sized metro cloud solutions.