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Analyst Video: Infonetics on Why Customers like Infinera

Analyst Video: Infonetics on Why Customers like Infinera

Andrew Schmitt of Infonetics research shares results of customer survey

At Infinera, we are redefining optical networking.

Infinera is enabling network operators to deliver vast amounts of bandwidth with greater ease. Whether for the long-haul core, metro, or emerging high-capacity metro cloud, Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks™ help carriers exploit the increasing demand for cloud-based services and datacenter connectivity as they advance into the Terabit Era.

Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks enable network operators to create rich end-user experiences based on efficient, high-capacity transport. Today, Infinera offers carriers, MSO/cable operators and Internet Content Providers (ICPs) the optical network platform of choice for ease-of-use, dramatic scaling, low cost of ownership and unparalleled reliability.

Today, over 135 customers in more than 72 countries rely on Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks to differentiate their services, protect their investment and lower operating expense as they scale their network.

The Infinera Intelligent Transport Network: A new paradigm in long-haul and metro transport.

Infinera is enabling the connected world by bringing automation, convergence and scalability to the optical network layer. Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks are designed to provide significant advantages over traditional systems, including:

  • Operating simplicity and cost savings: Intelligent software control allows end-users flexible management and control of their own network services and is designed to simplify network planning, engineering and operation; consume less power; enable simplified testing and improve system reliability;
  • Enhanced revenue generation: Infinera platforms lower the cost of optical to electrical to optical conversion, which enables our customers to access markets cost-effectively that had previously not been served due to cost constraints. We also believe that the our platforms enable communications service providers to add customers and provision new services more rapidly than traditional systems; and
  • Capital cost savings: Infinera’s platforms incorporate the functionality of more than 60 discrete optical components into a single photonic integrated circuit (PIC) pair, reducing capital expenditures and the physical space required for a given amount of optical network capacity.

Reducing your expenses. Expanding your opportunities.

At the core of the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network is a breakthrough semiconductor technology, the PIC. Basically a network on a chip, the PIC solves the cost, power dissipation, reliability and physical space issues in communications. The PIC provides massive WDM capacity in small power and space footprints to handle growing bandwidth needs, while allowing transport networks to scale in other dimensions. By solving the costly translation between the electrical and optical domains, long an albatross of network economics, the PIC enables DWDM optical transport networks to be more responsive to the digital services they carry.

The commercially-deployed, large scale PICs transmit and receive up to 500 Gigabits per second, or Gbps, of optical capacity and incorporate the functionality of more than 600 discrete optical functions into a pair of indium phosphide chips approximately the size of a child’s fingernail.

Infinera Intelligent Transport Network solutions include:

  • Infinera Cloud Xpress platform: The Infinera Cloud Xpress is a purpose-built, optimized platform for point-to-point hyper-scale bandwidth interconnect applications across regional, metro and campus environments including datacenters.
  • Infinera DTN-X Packet Optical Transport Networking platform: The Infinera DTN-X platform is the only optical transport system available today that provides up to 500 Gbps super-channel capacity with sophisticated OTN switching capability and a software-defined control plane.
  • Infinera DTN platform: The Infinera DTN platform allows reconfigurable add/drop of multiple services up to 400 Gbps per chassis with the ability to virtualize the network for even more bandwidth.
  • Infinera ATN platform: A purpose-built metro edge platform, the Infinera ATN platform extends the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network to the metro edge.

The biggest thing in optical networking is also the smallest.

Our technology not only lets you do more. It lets us do more, too.

  • Infinera Line System: A flexible system that extends optical reach and capacity with up to 160 channels of any mix of optical services across metro, long-haul and even subsea networks.
  • Infinera IQ Network Operating System: The Infinera IQ Network Operating System provides real-time network intelligence and control of all network elements to facilitate automated end-to-end topology discovery, service provisioning and service management and protection.
  • Infinera Management Suite: The Infinera Management Suite is a combination of management tools including administration, graphic node management and network planning systems for end-to-end control. The Infinera Management Suite also includes a suite of integrated functions for third party umbrella management systems.

Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks offer strategic business value to customers and protect investments for the next decade.

Today our innovation continues. Buoyed by our success and fueled by our vision, we are confidently reshaping what the network is, what it can do, and ultimately, what it will be.