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Subsea operators are facing an unprecedented environment of demand growth and technological evolution. Capacity demand driven by the explosion of social media and the increasing demands of mobile data consumers has global reach, and subsea cable systems are the international backbone of the Internet. Many cable systems are facing capacity demands far in excess of their maximum design capacity on the day they were activated. Fortunately, 100G Coherent technology is transforming the commercial and technological landscape of the Subsea Transport Networks. By increasing system design capacities by as much as 50-fold, this technology is enabling Subsea Operators to extend the commercial life of older cable systems. Hence, operators can respond to the increasing demand for capacity without having to make massive capital investments deploying new cable systems.

Infinera's technology allows the operator to seamlessly merge their terrestrial backbone, cable landing back haul, and subsea networks into a single network. The operator can provision new services and establish protection or restoration on an end-to end basis, on a global scale, managed by one platform. A diverse set of client interfaces are supported consistently across the network.

Infinera's 100G solution takes innovation several steps further. Powered by the world's only 5x100G Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC), Infinera's DTN-X platform delivers the world's only 500G super-channels, adding scale and reliability to subsea networks. FlexCoherent technology allows the operator to select from several available modulation techniques that optimize the capacity of existing systems, using the technique that provides the maximum capacity for a given section of spectrum within a given system link.

Additionally, Infinera supports Soft Decision Forward Error Correction (SD-FEC) on the 500G super-channel, extending subsea reach significantly, with a net coding gain of 11.1dB. With this technology, 100G transmission is now possible across trans-Pacific distances as great as 10,000km.

Infinera continues to invest in its technology roadmap with the objective of increasing the capacity and reach of subsea systems. A significant future milestone in this roadmap will be the terabit PIC line module with the capability of transmit spectral shaping, allowing an approximate 20% increase in spectral efficiency. It is also being designed to support extended chromatic dispersion compensation for newer cable systems.