Research & Education (R&E) Networks

The research community is the classic innovator and early adopter of new technology. Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Network is already deployed in a number of research networks around the world, including GÉANT operated by DANTE, BOREAS and Internet2. Infinera and DANTE have recently demonstrated a single-card Terabit Super-Channel on the GÉANT network, and as part of this demonstration we showed a full range of FlexCoherent™ modulation techniques. Also on August 13, 2013 Infinera and DANTE showcased the fastest provisioned network in the world on the GÉANT backbone in Europe using the super-channel technology. Guinness World Records verified the provisioning rate of 26.02Tb/s per hour of optical capacity on a live network link between Amsterdam and Hamburg.

Our world-leading innovation coupled with the inherent scalability of the Infinera platforms mean that we can offer a wealth of attractive features for the R&E environment.

The Infinera Solution
Research & Education Network operators will see a number of advantages from an Infinera solution:

  • Scalability – The Intelligent Transport Network delivers 500 Gb/s FlexCoherent™ super-channels today and is designed to scale without compromise to enable terabit super-channels and Terabit Ethernet in the future.
  • Convergence – By converging packet, digital OTN and reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) switching functions the Intelligent Transport Network is designed to reduce complexity while lowering overall network spending without compromising performance.
  • Automation – The Intelligent Transport Network features intelligent software control to help simplify multi-layer provisioning and delivers proven, real-world support for Software Defined Networks (SDN) down to the optical layer.