Government Networks

Maintain Mission Critical Operations with an Intelligent Transport Network

Government networks, from federal to local, provide mission critical operations across all spans of public and community service, from national defense and security through healthcare and research. Reliability, flexibility, and resiliency are essential for these networks to deliver the critical government and public services they underpin.

Government agencies large and small share many of the same network requirements. Tight budgets require IT solutions that lower total cost of ownership (TCO), both for equipment costs and operational costs. At the same time, these networks must provide simple and efficient scaling with minimal operational support as the network grows, and with minimal disruption to existing services. Security, network agility, accelerated service turn-up, and simplified operations are critical for mission success and enabling agencies to be responsive to shifting requirements and objectives.

Infinera provides cost-effective Intelligent Transport Networks that are simpler and quicker to turn up and manage, yet scalable enough to meet today’s and tomorrow’s multi-service requirements across campus, metro, cloud, and national long haul applications.

Infinera has pioneered photonic integration technology which is at the core of Infinera’s intelligent network platforms. Combining hundreds of optical functions on a single monolithically manufactured photonic integrated circuit (PIC), Infinera’s “DWDM system on a chip” architecture significantly reduces network power, space, cooling, and fiber coupling requirements, while increasing reliability and density. When PICs are combined with software intelligence, automated control plane operations, and multi-layer SDN support, a converged and vertically integrated optical networking solution results that delivers the responsiveness and flexibility that government agencies require.