The Metro Network Transformed

Fully Unified End-to-End Intelligent Transport Network

  • New: DTN-X Family Expansion: Right-Sized PIC-based XTC-2 & XTC-2E Platforms
  • New: Unified Packet-Optical Solution: DTN-X XTC and TM-Series Interoperability
  • TM-Series: High Density, Low Power, Terabit-scale Packet-Optical Switching
  • Triple-Play and Cable Broadband Aggregation, Business Ethernet, Mobile Front/Backhaul

Video: Dave Welch and Karl Thedeen
Video: Dave Welch and Karl Thedeen
See the key new innovations for the Intelligent Transport Network
Brochure: Metro Networks
Brochure: Metro Networks
Scalability, flexibility and programmability for the metro

DTN-X XTC Series: From Metro Core to Long-Haul to Subsea

  • Scalability: PIC-enabled WDM (100G, 500G Super-channels)
  • Efficiency: Packet-aware Integrated Non-blocking OTN and WDM Switching
  • Simplicity: SDN OTS and GMPLS Ease-of-use

FlexCoherent™ for Software-programmable Advanced Modulation and FastSMP for Sub-50ms Network Recovery for Multiple Failures

Brochure: DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E
Brochure: DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E
Right-sized Capacity, Flexible Configuration and Highly Programmable
Video: Non Service Interrupting Upgrade from 5T to 12T
Video: Non Service Interrupting Upgrade from 5T to 12T
See how 5T can be upgraded to 12T without service interruption on DTN-X XTC-10 platform

DTN-X XT Series: Super-channel for
Long-Haul Interconnects

The DTN-X XT Series combines the benefits of scalability through PIC enabled WDM super-channels, efficiency through ultra-low power and through line system integration and programmability through SDN OTS for long-haul DCI networks. With Instant Bandwidth™ operators can adopt a cash flow efficient business model deploying additional bandwidth with just a few mouse clicks.

Brochure : DTN-X XT Series Product Overview
Brochure: DTN-X XT Series Product
DTN-X Extension for High Capacity Long-Haul Point-to-Point Interconnect
White Paper: Photonic Integration
White Paper: Photonic Integration
Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) Explained in Detail

Cloud Xpress. Now with 100GbE Optimized for the Metro Cloud

Our solution uses 50% less power than the current market leader.
Now you can rack, stack, and provision in minutes so time is on your side.
With the industry’s highest solution in 1/3rd the space.
Unleashing Cloud Networks
SVP of Cloud network strategy and technology Stu Elby discusses Cloud Xpress
Infinera and Arista Demo Low-Latency, High-Capacity Data Center Interconnect
Read the Lippis Report independent test results validating the performance of our end-to-end datacenter interconnect solution

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Long Haul

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