The Metro Network Transformed

Fully Unified End-to-End Intelligent Transport Network

  • New: DTN-X Family Expansion: Right-Sized PIC-based XTC-2 & XTC-2E Platforms
  • New: Unified Packet-Optical Solution: DTN-X XTC and TM-Series Interoperability
  • TM-Series: High Density, Low Power, Terabit-scale Packet-Optical Switching
  • Triple-Play and Cable Broadband Aggregation, Business Ethernet, Mobile Front/Backhaul

Video: Dave Welch and Karl Thedeen
Video: Dave Welch and Karl Thedeen
See the key new innovations for the Intelligent Transport Network
Brochure: Metro Networks
Brochure: Metro Networks
Scalability, flexibility and programmability for the metro

DTN-X XTC Series: From Metro Core to Long-Haul to Subsea

  • Scalability: PIC-enabled WDM (100G, 500G Super-channels)
  • Efficiency: Packet-aware Integrated Non-blocking OTN and WDM Switching
  • Simplicity: SDN OTS and GMPLS Ease-of-use

FlexCoherent™ for Software-programmable Advanced Modulation and FastSMP for Sub-50ms Network Recovery for Multiple Failures

Brochure: DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E
Brochure: DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E
Right-sized Capacity, Flexible Configuration and Highly Programmable
Video: Non Service Interrupting Upgrade from 5T to 12T
Video: Non Service Interrupting Upgrade from 5T to 12T
See how 5T can be upgraded to 12T without service interruption on DTN-X XTC-10 platform

DTN-X XT Series: Super-channel Long-Haul Point-to-Point Interconnect

The DTN-X XT Series combines the benefits of scalability through PIC enabled WDM super-channels, efficiency through ultra-low power and through line system integration and programmability through SDN OTS for long-haul DCI networks. With Instant Bandwidth™ operators can adopt a cash flow efficient business model deploying additional bandwidth with just a few mouse clicks.

Brochure : DTN-X XT Series Product Overview
Brochure: DTN-X XT Series Product
DTN-X Extension for High Capacity Long-Haul Point-to-Point Interconnect
White Paper: Photonic Integration
White Paper: Photonic Integration
Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) Explained in Detail

Cloud Xpress. Now with 100GbE Optimized for the Metro Cloud

Our solution uses 50% less power than the current market leader.
Now you can rack, stack, and provision in minutes so time is on your side.
With the industry’s highest solution in 1/3rd the space.
Unleashing Cloud Networks
SVP of Cloud network strategy and technology Stu Elby discusses Cloud Xpress
Infinera Expands Cloud Xpress Family
Now with 100GbE and enhanced ease of use

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Long Haul

Solutions that links cities, countries and continents


Application-aware, right-sized solutions for cities and local regions


Terabit scale solutions for low power datacenter interconnection